"It gives me great satisfaction to recommend Gerrit-Jan de Weerd for any service he would offer your business. Gerrit is highly skilled, loyal and energetic, and will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to any organisation. He is calm and efficient under pressure, and delivers on time with excellent quality.

Gerrits gentle and polite way of interacting with his colleagues, both locally but even more importantly on an international level, brings a positive spirit in the projects he is involved in. He has a good feel for balanced and objective reporting, and was highly appreciated for his competence by his fellow colleagues and executive directors in the company."

Göteborg dec 1, 2009.Pål Sponaas, Director Retail Strategy and Development, Volvo Car Corporation

"Gerrit-Jan de Weerd has over his many years at Volvo Cars demonstrated both very high levels of knowledge when it comes to Retail Business Management and specialist skills in the domain of Business improvement tools for Retailers and Volvo Cars.

His in-depth project management and market experience allied to his pc and communication skills have enabled him to develop and deploy a suite of Business Management tools highly valued by the markets, primarily in Europe.

Gerrit has successfully structured and implemented Composite solutions for Dealers in Europe in the context of the Premier Automotive Group (2001-2007). Computer literate, well organised, analytical and communicative, he can take on business development challenges and deliver tangible consultancy services."

Brussels, Dominique Crappier, Director Network, Bus.&C.D.,Volvo Car Corporation

"Gerrit-Jan de Weerd has a very profound knowledge of the automotive retail business and its key profitability drivers across European markets. He is very professional and hard working and “gets the job done”. His deliveries have always met or exceeded my expectations. He is not afraid of challenging established “truths” and he is very persevering when he knows he is right.

Gerrit’s skills in accounting and various IT tools (e.g. excel and power point) are impressive. In addition he is a very likeable and sociable person. I am therefore happy to give Gerrit my very best recommendations."

Gothenburg,Krister Fink, Manager Technical Service, Volvo Car Corporation  


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